6 Strategies For Generating Greater Small Business Revenue


In tough economic times, creating revenue streams is especially difficult. Generating sales is even more challenging for small businesses operating on thin margins. Putting several simple yet effective strategies into action can make all the difference. Here are six strategies that any small business entrepreneur can use to generate revenue.

  1. Plan Realistic Goals Using Data

The most critical part of succeeding is defining success. Although every entrepreneur tends to view success in terms of profitability, the end goal looks different for every company. Creating an effective sales plan means outlining specific targets and allocating resources to reach those objectives.

Analytics guided by sound data is the key to bringing all of these concepts together. For example, when you know your current ledger in terms of profit and loss, you can distribute resources more effectively. Gauging the sales figures in previous quarters can help you plan the next quarter accordingly. Consider options like Google Analytics and other data platforms to grow your knowledge of your company.

  1. Nurture Repeat Business

Research shows that repeat buyers spend an average of 67% more on orders than new customers. When new leads are hard to find, doubling-down on nurturing customer loyalty could be just what you need. There are several proven ways to do this: First, consider rewards programs like discounts and early access to company events or new products. Personalizing customer service is also a great way to build your reputation. Ask for customer feedback on your products and decisions. In other words, turn your brand into a community.

  1. Expand Your Offerings

Introducing new services and products can be a powerful way to increase your customer base and a draw for those already-loyal buyers. Preparing for this level of expansion requires careful planning, including addressing supply chain concerns and market research. Consider adding products and services that complement or augment those you already offer. Learn about the culture of the people who make up your niche in the market and cater to their shifting expectations. Make your brand synonymous with their lifestyle.

  1. Leverage Tools for Efficiency

Profitability is as much about cutting losses as it is about making gains. Think about ways that you can do more with fewer resources. Technology offers multiple solutions here. Project management and file-sharing tools can reduce your need for costly physical infrastructure. Customer relationship management (CRM) software and its attendant technologies can largely automate digital marketing campaigns. Take a hard look at your business and see where a small change could save big money.

  1. Enhance Your Visibility on Social Media

The key to generating new leads is brand visibility. There are few better ways of accomplishing this than through social media marketing. By itself, having a variety of channels allows you to cross-promote products and special deals. Different platforms cater to different audiences. This permits you to tailor your messages and brand representation to those specific audiences.

Partnering with influencers in your industry can also expand your reach tremendously. A trusted name on YouTube or TikTok has a built-in audience already looking for products catering to their subculture’s demands. Research the influential people in your field and consider partnering for mutual benefit.

  1. Modernize Your Web Presence

Making an impression on the market comes down to one word: legitimacy. An obsolete or user-unfriendly website can hamper that impression. Conversely, an attractive and streamlined presence engenders a sense of urgency. People want to shop from a company that seems to be a trendsetter. Optimizing the color scheme and textual layout of your page can do wonders. So can making changes that minimize technical hurdles for e-commerce shoppers. The internet can be a powerful tool for branding, so make the most of your corner of it.

There’s no single best way to create new revenue streams. Choosing the tactics that fit your company’s goals is the key to long-term success. These six strategies only scratch the surface. Think creatively about leveraging your company’s strengths to build a profitable future.


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