Animals are great.

turtle, swim, sea turtle @ Pixabay

Animals are great. They can be so cute, and they make us feel better when we’re feeling down. Animals brighten up our days without fail. But that’s not the only reason why animals are great. Read on to find out 11 reasons why animals are awesome.

Animals are great companions. They can make us happy when we’re feeling down and they don’t judge what you do because they love unconditionally. There’s a reason why people say “a dog has the face of an angel.” Animals have unconditional love for humans, which is so comforting to know that someone cares about me even if I’m not perfect.

puppy, dog, pet @ Pixabay

It makes me feel loved and it reminds me everyday how important it is to show them some appreciation too. An animal will give you comfort without speaking any words at all. When my mom died, one of the things I missed most was her voice reading books out loud with me before bedtime. But then our family got a new kitten who would.


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