Anna plans to use a power point presentation in her speech. What advice should she follow?

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If you are giving a speech, it is important to include visual aids in order to focus the audience on your message. A PowerPoint presentation can be a great way to do this. In today’s blog post we will give advice for how to use power point in your speech so that it is effective and engaging for all of your listeners.

download, pptx, ppt @ Pixabay

First, you should always make sure that your slides are organized in a logical order. This will help to ensure that the audience does not get confused by what they see on screen behind you while you speak.

Second, use bullet points and numbers so that it is easy for everyone to follow along with what you’re saying if they miss something due to distractions or being called away from the presentation.

Finally, try using visuals like charts and graphs, but only when those visuals would be helpful for illustrating your point. It can also be very useful to have an ‘overview’ slide of all of your content at once, as well as any other slides which may require more context than others before presenting them during the speech itself. 


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