Anti lock braking systems

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Your car’s anti lock braking system is one of the most important features in your vehicle. It can make a huge difference in how you drive, but it also has some other crucial functions as well. In this blog post we are going to explore what an anti lock braking system does and why it is so important for drivers everywhere.

In the past, drivers had to use a foot pedal to activate their brakes. This was problematic because there are many different types of emergency braking situations that require different levels of pressure; if you only have one input for your brake pedals, it can be difficult to know what level is necessary in each situation.

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But thanks to anti lock braking systems (ABS), we now have an additional system that automatically applies the correct amount of pressure when needed. It’s so important nowadays – over 90% of new cars come with ABS as standard equipment. That means nearly all car owners will never need anything more than what they get from this safety feature. In fact, research has shown that ABS prevents up to 80% of accidents caused by skidding.


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