Any blanks or parentheses in a row or column label will be changed to _____ in defined names

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Blank spaces in a row and column labels can be a pain to deal with. They create ambiguity that often leads to the wrong formulas being used when analyzing data sets.

This post will show you how to use defined names in Excel so that blanks and parentheses are not an issue anymore!

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A few easy steps are all you need to convert __ into the defined name “my_name”., 

Select a blank space with your cursor. If there is more than one, then use Shift + arrow keys or Ctrl + Arrow Keys to get to the right place., 

Click on Insert in the ribbon and select Define Name from the list of options that appears.,  Type in “my_name” as shown below for both text boxes (Name and Refers To) before clicking OK.

The next time this function needs to be used just type my_name instead of using any blanks or parentheses!


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