Any set of ordered pairs is called a?

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A coordinate is a set of ordered pairs. Coordinates are used in mathematics, geography, and engineering to locate points on the earth’s surface, or other features on maps. One point is called the origin (O), and another point is called the destination (D).

The ordered pair describes how far away from O you have to go before you reach D. The coordinates for your house might be: (-122° 45′ 15” W) N; (-121° 19′ 23” W) N,

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The first number is the angle, which goes up in degrees.

The second and third numbers are longitude and latitude respectively.

For example, on a map of the earth’s surface (or any object with curved sides), lines that run parallel to each other will have angles where they meet at 0°.

Lines that don’t run parallel won’t share an angle at their point of intersection–the one higher than 0° would be called the “latitude” line; while the lower-than-0° line would be called “longitude”.


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