Any transparency will be lost

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It’s a sad day for transparency. As of today, any transparency will be lost on the internet. The worldwide web has been turned into one big black box, and it looks like we have no choice but to live with this new reality.

We don’t know what companies are doing behind closed doors anymore, or which websites are tracking our every move online without our knowledge. It could even be that they know more about us than we do!

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Heading: What This Means We know that sites like Facebook and Google are tracking our every move online, but it could be more than just these two companies. Sites like Amazon might also have the ability to track us because of their ever-growing customer base.

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What about Snapchat? They’ve recently been in the news for a security breach earlier this year which resulted in some compromising personal information being leaked onto social media platforms such as Twitter.

It seems like we may never find out what is really happening behind closed doors, and there has yet to be any clarification on whether or not the NSA was involved with hacking into SnapChat’s system.

Some people say that government agencies should only come after criminals while others believe they need all kinds of tools.


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