Approximately how long did one-party democratic rule last in texas?

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One-party Democratic rule ended in Texas with the election of Republican George W. Bush to the presidency in 1994, but it had been a long time coming. An analysis of voting patterns and social issues suggests that Texas was ripe for change by the early 1990s, and Democrats were slow to recognize it. They continued to take votes from Republicans for granted and failed to reach out sufficiently to Texans who were struggling economically or socially.

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Today we see politics in America as being totally polarized between two parties on all major issues – there are no “moderate” voices anymore when it comes to legislation on abortion rights, immigration policy, gun control or any other hot topic that dominates debate these days. The dominance of one party has meant that those Americans who are centrist on these issues have been left without a voice in Congress.

As is noted by the article cited below: “Republicans took for granted their position with Texas’s white voters and Democrats underestimated what they might need to do to win over Latinos.” As independent voter registration records show (and it’s not just Texas), Republicans were winning


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