How to Explain Aquarius woman when hurt to Your Mom


Aquarius woman can be a difficult person to get along with at times. They are opinionated and intelligent, which is what makes them so interesting. However, when they feel hurt by someone close to them, it will take some time for their feelings of anger and betrayal to subside. If you have ever done something that has hurt an Aquarius woman in any way, there’s no need to worry – these tips should help make things right again!

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-Aquarius woman will need time and space to heal. Don’t try to do anything right away; let them come back to you when they are ready! If they don’t want contact, then respect that and give them the space they need. -Aquarius woman needs peace of mind more than anything else. Do what you can to help her feel safe again – it could be as simple as removing reminders around your home or taking a walk with her in order for her brain not think about all the negative thoughts she is having. Distracting an Aquarius woman from things that make them unhappy will help ease their pain quickly! The best way to apologize: one word – flowers! Flowers have been scientifically.


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