are you kidding me gif,

mushroom, fly agaric, autumn @ Pixabay

Are you kidding me? You don’t have enough time to read a blog post, but you somehow found the time to read this paragraph. I am sorry for taking your precious time away from watching cat videos and scrolling through your Instagram feed. But before you go, let’s talk about some important things: GIFs and how they can help make your content more fun (and maybe even more successful). You might be familiar with the term “GIF,” but do you know what it stands for? Like many internet acronyms, GIF is an abbreviation. It’s a combination of “graphics” and “interchange format.” We all love graphics (especially animated ones) and we’re always looking to exchange information like this in new ways. So when Steve Wilhite created the Graphics Interchange Format back in 1987, he paved the way not only for a whole range of cool animations on your favorite social media platforms, but also helped make communication more interactive. Coming up with creative content can feel overwhelming at times–and then there are other times where you just don’t have any ideas that will cut through the


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