are you ready kids?

sunset, men, silhouettes @ Pixabay

This is a story about three friends from school. One day, they were playing in the forest and got lost. The adventures they had trying to find their way home are told below: Bob, Tom, and Harry were all very good friends at school (and still are). They always spend time together after classes on things like homework or just talking about the latest movie release.

sunset, men, silhouettes @ Pixabay

Sometimes they would go play outside with other kids but one day when it was raining, there weren’t any other kids around so the three of them decided to sneak off into the woods near their house. They knew that their parents wouldn’t be too happy if they found out so they agreed not to tell anyone where they went. Harry saw something shiny on the ground and bent down to pick it up. It was a silver coin with an inscription on one side that said ‘Please leave me here. Tom stopped him, saying “Don’t touch that! I bet it’s cursed or something!”. Harry laughed and threw the coin into the bushes then continued walking behind his friends.

They were happily chatting about their plans for this Saturday when they suddenly realized they had been going in circles because all of them could see where they came from so now there was no way to find out how far away home really was. The sun started setting too which made things even worse because without any light, navigating through unfamiliar terrain became much more difficult. Bob finally suggested turning back as he thought if they just kept walking


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