are you seriously watching by yourself,

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It’s a Saturday night, and you’re watching T.V in your pajamas by yourself. You check social media on your phone to see that everyone is having fun with friends and family at parties or out eating dinner. They are all posting pictures of their food, selfies with friends, or videos from the party they went to last night. So what are you doing? Watching T.V alone again! It’s not like it was any better when you were sitting there by yourself for hours on end every day before going home from work just so you could be lonely together as a couple for the rest of the evening.. And then you think about how most people would rather be alone than in a relationship with someone who treats them poorly. You’re not going to let anyone treat you like that anymore, so why do it to yourself? There’s no point in being lonely when there are all these really great reasons for having friends and family around! So turn off the T.V, put on your favorite outfit from last summer (it still fits), and go out into the world. It’ll make more sense this way because now you know what NO ALONE means.. *Numbers & bullet points will follow soon.*


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