Canopy Tent Buying Guide – Top Features You Need to Look Out For

Canopy Tent

Buying a pop-up canopy tent for promoting your business is a great decision. You can use it to boost brand visibility and market your products and services at various outdoor events like tradeshows, exhibitions, sports meets, etc. However, you need to buy the right model to get the best return on your investment. However, since there are many different kinds of tents, you also need to choose the right set of features that suit your needs and make for a good buy. Some of the top canopy tent features you should be looking out for:

Superior Air Circulation 

One of the most common reasons for buying a pop-up canopy tent is to get shelter from the blazing sun when participating in an outdoor event. It can get uncomfortable inside the tent when the ambient temperature is high and the weather humid because of the buildup of heat and moisture. 

You should buy a tent with open sides and a high roof equipped with vents for air circulation. You can also look out for tents with a mesh wall that permits the free circulation of air for better comfort.


While it can get pretty uncomfortable out in the sunshine for long, one must also take care not to expose oneself to the UV rays that can be hazardous to health. Though the canopy fabric may block the sunshine, it will not prevent the UV radiation from passing through unless it has been treated suitably for UV protection. Most of the leading tent manufacturers offer custom canopies.

High-Quality Materials and Construction 

The quality of the materials and construction of the tent is unarguably the most important aspect of buying a pop-up canopy tent. You need to buy a tent strong enough to last for several years even with repeated use. A tent that collapses without warning in windy weather can be hazardous and embarrassing. You must also make sure that the frame is sturdy. Frames made of steel are stronger than those of aluminum, however, they are heavier. If you have a packed schedule of events, it can be wiser to buy a steel frame that is appropriately painted or coated to prevent rust.

The choice of the fabric is vital too. While cotton canvas is strong, it is heavy and not waterproof. Polyester is light and strong, but it does not offer protection against UV rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer. It is best to choose a vinyl canopy, which is a polyester material coated with PVC. It is light and strong but adequately UV-resistant and waterproof. You can also ask about chemical coatings to make it flame-proof for improved safety.


When buying a canopy tent, you will discover that you have a bewildering choice and widely differing prices. You need to buy from a reliable manufacturer with a good rating to be safe. Also, make sure you get a long warranty against defective materials and manufacturing. Also, find out the availability of replacement parts because, over time, you are going to need them to keep your tent in good condition.

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