How to Edit PDFs

Edit PDFs

PDF templates are one version of the document format that users have always been able to change or edit. PDFs were made to be unchangeable so that anyone who viewed the file or document saw the original, unedited version. But as the PDF has grown in popularity and usefulness, users have been able to create their PDF files to suit their particular needs.

Many programs now offer users a wealth of premade PDFs templates that are easy to edit and change depending on the occasion. Users now can edit PDF fillable forms for whatever purpose, while also being able to take advantage of the format’s universality. 

How to Edit a PDF

The way to edit a PDFs depends on the program being used. While there are many programs and software available, they typically follow the same design and user interface to make it easier for everyday users to engage with them. Users have also discovered that it is possible to edit PDFs in Google Docs and use the Google Drive PDF editor as a temporary, fast-acting solution to their problem of editing PDFs. As an other solution there are multiple tools like available online. You can use them,

To edit a PDF in Google Docs, users need to: 

  1. Find the PDFs in the local hard drive 
  2. Open it with Google Docs via Google Drive 
  3. Edit the text (only text) in a Google Docs format 
  4. Save the changes and create a new PDFs file 

The only drawback to editing a PDFs in Google Docs is that the program does not convert other design features of the file format like graphics, images, or layouts. Users will be able to edit text, removing or adding it, but they cannot add images, graphics, or create new pages in the same PDF file. 

The situation is different for dedicated online PDFs editors. These programs give users a wide-berth to edit and manipulate their PDF files any way they want, often resembling the options that advanced PDF editing software gives its users. With these dedicated programs, users can even create their PDF files or edit PDF templates to suit their needs. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing PDF Online

The process of editing a PDF file online varies between programs. But they all follow the same, basic steps to make them more accessible and attractive to everyday users. Users must typically: 

  1. Find and open their PDF file in the program’s browser 
  2. Once opened in the program’s browser, users can begin editing 
  3. Editing means that users can add or remove text, leave notes and comments or insert tables, images, and graphics 
  4. Editing also means users can highlight certain lines or passages and even delete, move or reorder specific pages 

There are few differences between online PDF editors in terms of user-friendliness and accessibility so the same steps apply, more or less, to most online PDF editors.

Best Free PDF Editor

Choosing the best free PDF editor is a personal choice, as many of these online programs have similar features and interfaces. Some programs, like Lumin PDF, offer users a large database of premade PDF templates that users can change and edit depending on their needs. Lumin PDF also offers users the ability to sync their Google Drive or Dropbox accounts to make sharing and saving PDFs that much easier. 

Lumin is largely free to use, but more advanced features are locked behind a paywall. Users can sign-up for a weekly, monthly, or yearly pass to access these more advanced features like compression and conversion tools, as well as security features to add to all PDF files. 

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