Is it worth studying for a part-time diploma in Singapore?


It is quite commonly observed among working professionals to head back to school to reskill and equipped themselves with the latest skills and knowledge needed to keep pace with the changing industry demands.

Furthermore, the resources and time that are needed to be dedicated to owning a post-graduate or undergraduate full-time programme or degree can hamper your focus on both personal life and work.

This is where part-time diploma courses in Singapore can come in handy to help you develop your professional and personal capabilities while setting you up for a financially secured career path and experiencing the best of both worlds.

Let’s find out how part-time diploma programmes can help you redirect your professional goals by allowing you to juggle your commitments with pursuing a qualification.

Flexible schedule

Enrolling on a part-time diploma in Singapore will allow you to track your performance more effectively by allowing you to adjust to a learning pace that you are most comfortable with.

You can select several topics that you want to study for one semester, thereby allowing you to either extend or shorten the duration of your study.

Acquire real-time skills

Part-time diploma courses taught in Singapore are designed to help students continue with their employment as well as advance their academic careers, in turn making you a multitasking professional.

Professional diploma programmes also enable you to develop critical thinking skills and understand core subjects deeply, to assist business owners to tackle real-world problems in the future.

Acquire sought-after transferable skills

Studying a diploma programme part-time in Singapore can help you acquire industry-friendly skills such as decision making, effective communication and leadership that can help you excel both in your personal and professional life, needed to grab managerial positions.

Diverse career opportunities

With a professional diploma qualification under the belt, you can explore different job opportunities within multinational corporations abroad, and cherish International exposure and career advancement at a very early stage of your career.

Build solid professional connections

Studying a part-time diploma course in Singapore will enable you to understand different cultural perspectives and broaden your horizons by interacting with people coming from diverse backgrounds and possessing similar career aspirations.

Explore your passion

Studying part-time will allow you to hold on to your job for financial stability, along with venturing into areas that you are truly passionate about, which can in turn bring about positive change in your life and help you grab lucrative career profiles.

Part-time diploma programmes offered by the top-ranking universities in Singapore are well curated to provide you with the tertiary education needed to get back on track with your employment and earn the much-desired promotion.

To find out more about professional diploma programmes offered in Singapore check out our social media websites and browse through the curriculum’s page to apply for a programme that is best suited to your career interests and lifestyle.

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