What Is The Exam Preparation Strategy For The IBPS Clerk Exam?


The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is the conducting body for the clerical-cadre examination. Every year, many candidates and banking aspirants appear for the exams. It is not easy to crack, with so many job-seekers taking the exam.

BYJU’S Exam Prep understands this and has curated an ideal learning platform for all IBPS Clerk aspirants. The examinations are conducted in three significant stages – prelims and mains. We recommend that you do not lose confidence in yourself. Make sure you keep up your spirits and hope until you reach your target.

IBPS Clerk exam preparation

Each aspirant has different ways and strategies to tackle their exam preparation. So, as a result, their results also consist of considerable differences. A planned strategy and deliberate focus will help you ace the prelims and mains examinations.

But before you start with your exam preparation strategies, you need to know the detailed syllabus. Only then will you understand the topics they will ask in the examination.

Preparation strategy for the IBPS Clerk exam

Each year, thousands and lakhs of banking aspirants enrol to crack the two-stage banking examination. But out of the enormous number, only a handful of candidates are selected because of massive competition and cut-off rankings.

IBPS conducts the prelims exam only to shortlist the candidates for the main exams. So you need to start preparing right from scratch and not just clear the cut-off. The IBPS Clerk examination covers the following subjects:

  1. General and financial awareness
  2. English language
  3. Quantitative aptitude
  4. Reasoning ability
  5. Computer aptitude

Let us check out a few strategies to prepare for your IBPS Clerk exams. We will be discussing each subject at a time.

  1. General and financial awareness

The IBPS Clerk’s main examination tests your knowledge about current affairs. However, it would be best to focus on specific areas like banking rules and regulations, finances, etc. The following strategies will help you ace the examination and land a prestigious job.

  • Make it a habit to read newspapers and magazines, especially the section on finance.
  • Always note down the most critical financial events from the past six months.
  • English language

The IBPS Clerk examination will test your basic proficiency in the English language. It will cover vocabulary, basic English grammar, spotting errors, cloze tests, comprehension, and fillers. Since there is a vast area to cover, you need to abide by the following points:

  • Make sure you regularly solve practice questions.
  • Make a habit of reading magazines and newspapers every day.
  • Practice regularly and brush up on your basic grammar.
  • Quantitative aptitude

This section is the most challenging one in the IBPS Clerk examination. It is incorporated with innumerable formulas, making everything confusing and complicated. It consists of average, simplification, ratio and proportion, percentage, data interpretation, etc.

But if you abide by the following strategy, it will help you score excellently in this section.

  • Practising will help you master the skills of solving complex problems.
  • Try to remember every formula by heart.
  • Make sure that you learn easy tricks to solve problems using shortcut methods.
  • Revise procedures regularly and solve slightly tricky issues.
  • Reasoning ability

You can easily understand the reasoning section if you clearly understand the logic. This requires a lot of practice, and only then will you be able to master the techniques to solve them. Some of the strategies are:

  • Stay focused and try to understand the theory behind every question being asked.
  • Don’t overdo anything and regularly solve a maximum of 20 questions from any three sections.
  • Computer Aptitude

Almost everyone must have basic computer knowledge, so preparing for this section is comparatively more straightforward. This section is included only within the main examination. Some of the strategies to follow for preparing computer aptitude are:

  • Learn all the computer abbreviations and shortcuts by heart.
  • Practice the basic shortcuts physically for an hour to remember things well.

BYJU’S Exam Prep has been designed for IBPS Clerk aspirants to receive focused learning. All of them are incorporated within the study materials, from the latest news and current affairs to exam-focused topics. You will easily access each as they are stored all under one roof.

We recommend you solve all the mock test question papers regularly. This will help you enhance your skills, and you will be able to come out with flying colours.


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