5 Things You Should Know About THC-O in 2022


THC-O is also called THC-O acetate or tetrahydrocannabinol-O-acetate. This type is a more potent delta—9-THC analog. In recent times, cannabinoid has grown very popular. The current popularity has mainly been caused by the fact that the strain causes a high level of intoxication, which is coupled with the current legal status. 

The fact that the THC-O has potent effects has become a concern. Because of the high potency, there is a difference between THC-O and Delta 8. The powerful products of the strain are similar to that of an equivalent amount of D9. It could likely lead to psychedelic effects. This strain can now be found in the market, and it can grant you an excellent state of mind of creativity, calmness, hyperactivity of the mind, and overall tranquility. As an artificial compound, it is the best option for every part of your day, especially when your concentration goes low and you wish for some inspiration for the rest of the working day.

Delta Extrax (Top Pick & Overall Best THC O Vape Cartridges)

It will be incomplete to discuss THC-O without discussing its best brands and where to find them. Delta Extrax is one of the top THC-O brands in 2022. That is attributed to its tremendous experience in cannabis and many years of being in the market. The brand is also known for its excellence and transparency. The brand aims to create good customer convenience and meet the performance expectations of every cannabis user.

The brand has become trustworthy and the best choice, especially when searching for cannabinoids diversity. Unlike other companies that provide a short catalog of hemp-derived alternatives, the Delta Extrax includes a list of various hemp-based products.

Golden Pineapple OG THCO Cartridge (Features)

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This strain appears as Delta 8 THC blend and is rich with the most potent THCO. If you choose this excellent vape cart, you will expect a tropical flavor with a pineapple flavor. It comes with immediate side effects and lasts longer. This brand is made from natural terpenes and Delta 8 THC and appears as a perfect option for fun and relaxation, not to mention the other health benefits. This brand is analgesic, anxiolytic, and has neuroprotectant properties. It is also lab tested and has a safe vape cartridge. For an affordable price of only $31.99, you can enjoy high potency and an excellent taste of this cartridge.

Diamond (Disposable Vape Pens and High Potency THC-O Carts)

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This is one of the most organic hemp-derived alternatives. This brand concentrates on its primary purpose of researching and developing only the most natural cannabinoids, thus making them easily accessible in every part of the world where cannabis is legally used. It has a professional team of doctors and scientists dedicated to producing only the safest and the finest products for complete user satisfaction and protection.

How is the THC-O Acetate Made?

Did you know that the manufacturing process of the THC-O acetate is quite similar to that of making heroin from morphine? Making the strain involves adding an acetate group to a compound to increase its potency and its rate of absorption. The functional acetate group is not the same as the cannabinoids from nature, unlike the THC-O’s base structure.

The process of developing THC-O involves many extractions that begin with industrial hemp. They then add acetic anhydride at this stage, then mix to create a THC-O acetate. When appropriately produced, it takes the likeliness of a thick brown liquid resembling motor oil.

THC-O is Stronger than Delta-THC-9

THC-O is approximately three times stronger and more potent than THC. Surprisingly, it takes just a tiny amount to trigger the effects of hallucinations from it. THC-O is a prodrug that does not get active until the liver metabolizes it. D9 remains once the drug has been metabolized. One of the main reasons THC-O is strong is its high rate of bioavailability. The acetate of THC-O is far more bioavailable than its delta-9 counterpart. The THC-O’s functional group (-O) is removed from absorption, and consequently, it possesses its typical effects at a substantially high dose. However, as strong as THC-O may appear, it is not as potent as THCP.

The Recommended Dosage of THC-O

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You can buy THC-O in the form of:

  • THC-O distillate
  • THC-O tinctures
  • THC-O vape liquid
  • THC-O gummies

As you use this product, you need always to remember that it has triple the strength of a standard THC. Therefore, it will be safe to use a third of what you usually consume in a product of delta-9-THC. If you are vaping THC-O, you should stick to a dosage of up to 0.5mg. If you use it in edibles or oil, it is sufficient to use up to 3mg. You could endanger your health if you go beyond the prescriptions above since it will lead to intoxication. If you vape 5mg and more or consume 10 mg and more orally, you will most likely experience psychedelic effects that are very unpleasant and frightening.

Final Thoughts

The strain of THC-O is synthetic and a highly intoxicating cannabinoid. Its potency is triple that of delta-9-THC, having similar effects to D9. This strain serves as the best remedy in a world full of fast-living tempo and stress. This strain will distract you from negative thoughts and improve your overall well-being. Excellent brands now available in the market will provide you with a fantastic buzz each time to vape.


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