5 Ways Technology Can Support Your Fitness Goals


Meeting health and fitness goals can be a challenge for anyone, no matter how motivated you are. However, technology can be the solution that helps guide you toward success. Before you give up and resign yourself to an unhealthy lifestyle, consider these five ways that tech can support your efforts to reach fitness goals. 

1. Take Advantage of Direct Feedback With Wearables

Today’s wearables go way beyond simple pedometers and offer a wide range of services to help you meet your fitness goals. For example, most can track metrics like heart rate and exertion levels to give you an idea of how hard you work during exercise. Others go way beyond that and give you information about things like blood oxygen saturation and sleep quality. There are even options for devices that provide information directly to your healthcare provider so she can keep up with important health stats. 

Do a little research to make the most of your wearables. Look into features and decide which ones yu will use and those that you can do without. This will help you find a model that meets your needs without overwhelming you with data. You should also choose one that is comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you might be tempted to leave it off and miss out on its benefits. 

2. Choose Supplements That Provide Advanced Nutritional Support

Some vitamin and mineral supplements have also been transformed through research and technology. Instead of guessing what you need, these formulations provide mixtures of vitamins and minerals frequently missing from modern diets. Combinations rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc, selenium, and calcium can support cellular processes throughout the body. The inclusion of herbal components may provide additional full body support. 

3. Get Moving With Interactive Virtual Workouts

You are definitely missing out if you haven’t tried a virtual workout yet. The past several years have seen explosive growth in at-home interactive workouts, and this is one of the greatest tools many people have in their fitness arsenal. Consider some of the benefits associated with virtual workouts:

  • The comfort and anonymity of working out in your own home
  • The camaraderie with other fitness fans
  • Live examples and interaction with a trainer

Yes, that means you can stay at home while getting a gym-quality workout. In many formats, you can even ask the instructor questions as they pop up. At the same time, you can leave your video feed off on those days when doing your hair didn’t make the cut before class. 

4. Stream Motivating Music on Demand

Music can make or break a workout session, so the ability to stream your favorite playlist while you work out is a definite advantage. There are several approaches to this that could work. Some exercisers prefer to have a downloaded playlist that they turn to each time. This is a great option if you are looking for a specific tempo to keep you moving or lyrics that hit at just the right time. 

Streaming services are another option. Many allow you to pick an exercise-themed station that streams popular workout tracks. On others, you can customize your station based on an artist, genre or time period. Choose a system that works for your style and see the results that can come when motivating music accompanies every workout session. 

5. Download a Fitness App To Track Diet and Exercise

Fitness and diet apps are some of the most popular methods for tracking your activity and food intake. There are many options to choose from, so take time to look at features and determine which ones will best support your goals. It is also a good idea to take advantage of available free trials to explore options before purchasing a subscription.

Wearables, apps, and motivating music are all great ways that tech can help you achieve fitness goals. You will need to steer the ship, but technology can certainly help make your fitness journey easier and more fun. 


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