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The advent of OSRS has been a controversial topic in the RuneScape community for quite some time. Many players have been looking forward to the release, while others have expressed concerns that it will anger those who adhere to RS3. In this post, we’ll explore what OSRS is and how it compares with RS3: -What is Old School RuneScape? -How does differentiating from RuneScape 3 benefit the game? -How can these changes make players angry? -What can Jagex do to give players the best of both worlds? Benefits: Old School RuneScape offers many benefits over RSII. While some may be concerned that it will anger those who adhere to RS II, OSRS has plenty of other advantages. One such advantage is that this version of the game as been around for a much longer period time than RSII thus giving a player more opportunity to find their niche and play style within this version. Additionally, while there are no quests in OSRS, exploring on your own allows you to make new discoveries which often lead down different paths from what’s available in mainstream gameplay – encouraging experimentation which keeps things fresh and exciting! You’ll also notice dungeons have treasure


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