Approximate date through which current address is valid

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When you move, it’s easy to forget where your current address is. This article will help keep track of all the places that you’ve lived so far, and when they were valid. It also includes a handy-dandy map of the United States with pins for each location!

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The first map pin will be for your current address, and subsequent pins represent previous addresses. 

The second pin represents where you lived when you were a kid (if it’s different from the first).

The third is where you went to college or university. 

The fourth is your hometown before moving away from school. __ You can have as many pins on the map as you want! Just add one each time that your home changes location until they’re all pinned down!

And if this article doesn’t suit your needs just yet, try: “How Long Does My Current Address Last?” by Smith Jones in our blog section of our website — we hope these articles help keep track of important details like this.


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