are you gonna cry meme,

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Are you going to cry? If so, please don’t. It’s just a meme! One of the most popular memes on the internet is the “crying face” or “are you gonna cry?” meme. This little guy has been around for years and can be found in various colors and with different backgrounds. What does it all mean? Well, there are a few theories about this meme that might make sense when we look at what it says below it: The most common theory is that people use this as an expression to say someone else will probably get emotional over something small – like getting your favorite color of shoes or winning a bet. The second theory suggests that people use this phrase after they have done something bad or hurtful to someone else. This phrase is usually used as a way of reassurance that the person who was wronged will not be too emotional over what happened, and it’s their fault for being so sensitive in any case. Now that we know more about this meme, let’s take a look at some other memes! One which is very popular on Instagram right now has been dubbed “the sad face”. It looks like a regular crying baby with tears coming from its eyes and snot running down its nose – but there are two notable differences between this one and our old reliable: firstly, you can’t copy/paste text onto the head; secondly, if people use the hashtag #sadbabieselfie they


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