How to Choose the Best Name for Your Business


Choosing the right name for your business is one of the most important aspects of starting a new company. The name you choose will be the first impression you make on potential customers, so it’s important to choose something that is memorable and reflects the image you want to project. 

Here are 15 tips for choosing the best name for your business:

1. Keep it short and easy to remember.

The best names are usually short and easy to remember. Avoid anything that is difficult to pronounce or spell.

2. Make sure it’s relevant to your business.

Your name should be relevant to what you do or sell. This will help customers remember who you are and what you do.

3. Use keywords that describe your business.

Include keywords in your name that describe what you do. This will help customers find you more easily online.

4. Avoid using common words.

Common words are often hard to trademark and can be easily confused with other businesses. Try to be unique and avoid using any word that is already widely used in your industry.

5. Be memorable.

Your name should be something that people remember easily. Use wordplay, puns, or alliteration to make it stick in people’s minds.

6. Avoid names that are too specific.

While you want your name to be relevant, you also don’t want it to be so specific that it limits your growth potential. For example, a name like “Joe’s plumbing” would only be suitable for a plumbing business.

7. Check the domain availability.

Before you settle on a name, make sure the corresponding domain name is available. It’s also important to check social media handles and make sure they’re available as well.

8. Make sure the name is not already trademarked.

You don’t want to choose a name that someone else has already trademarked. This could lead to legal trouble down the road.

9. Avoid using initials.

While initials can be easy to remember, they can also be confusing for customers. Try to avoid using them unless they are part of a well-known brand or acronym.

10. Keep it simple.

Your name should be easy to understand and not too complicated. Avoid using industry jargon or made-up words.

11. Make sure the name can grow with your business.

As your business grows, you may want to expand into new markets or offer new products and services. Choose a name for business that can easily be adapted as your business grows.

12. Consider your target market.

Think about whom your target market is and what they would respond to. A name that appeals to one group of people may not appeal to another.

13. Brainstorm with others.

Get input from others when choosing a name for your business. Ask family and friends for their thoughts and get feedback from potential customers.

14. Test it out.

Once you have a few names in mind, test them out on potential customers. See how they react and which ones they remember the most.

15. Get professional help.

If you’re having trouble choosing a name for your business, consider hiring a professional branding agency. They can help you create a name that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.


1. What are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a business name? 

There are several common mistakes to avoid when choosing a business name, including: 

  • Choosing a name that is too long or difficult to remember
  • Choosing a name that is not relevant to your business
  • Using a common word that is already trademarked
  • Using initials that are confusing for customers

2. How important is it to have a website domain with my business name? 

It’s very important to have a website domain with your business name. This will help customers find you more easily online and help you build brand recognition.

3. Can I choose any name I want for my business? 

No, you cannot choose any name you want for your business. 


When choosing a name for your business, it’s important to consider all of your options. Keep these 15 tips in mind to choose a name that is memorable, relevant, and unique.



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