Super Useful Tips To Improve CRYPTO PRESS RELEASE


Crypto PR is one of the fastest-growing industries and it’s every business owner’s responsibility to pay attention. If you are looking for an all-in-one PR solution, CRYPTO PRESS RELEASE can make your work a lot easier!

1. Group Newsletters

We have been sending newsletters to Crypto PR supporters for 2 years already. Our newsletter is full of useful tips about how to get big attention for your content and how to maintain your relationship with bloggers on social media. The latest edition of our newsletters is from 1st May 2018. Right now, we are running a campaign that lets you subscribe only to the latest version of these newsletters instead of the entire archive. Subscribe now and start receiving all messages from our crypto PR activities..!

2. Reviews and PR Rankings

We have published hundreds of reviews on some of the biggest crypto igaming media platforms every month since last December 2017. So far, we have received great feedback from bloggers, which helped us establish good relationships with them. In the future, we plan to publish more reviews and PR rankings of trusted crypto PR agencies and consultants.

3. Quickly find a qualified crypto PR agency

A lot of people have asked us how to find a reliable, yet low-cost PR agency that offers high-quality services. Well, it’s not an easy task, as there are a lot of good companies out there, but only few of them stand out. Fortunately for you, we have developed something that helps you choose the one you need – our “Find a Crypto Agency” tool is designed specifically to help you narrow down the list of candidates by features that make them suitable for your campaign. It also compares their prices so that you can spot great deals on quality services..!

For example, you can compare the prices of PR agencies that provide multi-platform services in addition to press releases and blog coverage for $300 per month vs. those that provide only one platform at a much higher price.

4. Find out about banner ads on Google and Facebook

Our website contains an archive of over 100 Crypto PR campaigns, most of which have been managed by different agencies and consultants. Now, you can find out about the features these companies offer, which media are their preferred partners etc. at no cost..! Why pay a premium if there are less expensive ones available?..! Site detail is here.

5. Get real-time updates about BTC, ETH and other crypto prices

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency Blogger Outreach that keeps you up to date with the latest news about cryptocurrencies, we can help! We have been publishing news reports on crypto prices every day since last July of last year. Our resource is designed not only to help readers stay up to date with the latest trends but also to give them a quick and easy access to the crypto markets.

In addition, our experts periodically publish articles on how ICO are performed, how blockchain technologies are changing the world, which cryptocurrency may be in demand in the future etc. The most popular ones have even been translated into Russian and Chinese!

6. Easy to pay for PR services

There is no easier way to pay for any PR service than by using your credit card. We support Visa and MasterCard. Besides, our payment system is designed in a way that prevents any risks of fraud or illegal payments. This way, you can trust us and make an order without worrying about your information being exposed..! (UPDATE: Right now, CRYPTO PRESS RELEASE supports crypto payments for credit card payments as well.)

7. Protect your data and personal details

We have taken the utmost care when it comes to protecting our users’ data. The process of providing personal data is completely secured and tested. Our logs are automatically deleted after each campaign is completed.

In addition, CRYPTO PRESS RELEASE has a “Data Protection Policy” that we encourage our client to read before you sign up and start sending us data.

8. Get rid of the stress and enjoy a creative project

Just think how many people have problems when trying to find good crypto PR agencies! There are so many agencies out there, yet they all seem to work differently. This can make your work even more difficult – you often have no idea how they work, what fees they charge or how they deal with bloggers..!

On the other hand, ordering your own CRYPTO PRESS RELEASE campaign is as easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is to send us a copy of your content, tell us what you want from it and we’ll do the rest. Our team of experts will send the required emails and make all other arrangements for your project. In addition, our prices start from just $50 per month!…

9. Find a good cryptocurrency exchange platform

If you are looking for new ways to trade cryptocurrency and make profits fast, we can help! We provide reviews on top exchanges that let you compare their features in order to find one that fits you best – from fees and security level to support services etc..


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