Why Small Businesses Are Adopting Text Reminders For Their Appointments

Text Reminders

As a small business owner, you strive to find cost-effective tools that provide client satisfaction and deliver quality customer support, right? 

You want to accommodate clients with ultimate convenience and give them reliable customer support. However, you also want to ensure your business is successful – cutting as many losses as possible. Text messaging (SMS) services are shown to have a very positive impact on both clients and your business. 

With 98% of Americans owning a cellphone with text messaging services, it’s safe to say SMS text reminders for appointments are the technology of the future. Here are the top reasons why small businesses are quickly adopting this technology.

Benefits of Text Reminders for Appointments 

1. Better Open Rates and Faster Responses 

When you send an email to a client, there’s a good chance it gets buried before they have a chance to see it. Emails have an open rate of only 20%, whereas text messages have a 98% open rate. 

Additionally, the response rate for test reminders for appointments is much faster compared to emails and phone calls. The average response rate for text messages is 3 minutes. 

2. Personalized Customer Support 

Any thriving small business will value the relationship they have with clients. Good relationships foster happy clients, resulting in increased sales, multiple referrals, and a boosted reputation. 

To help maintain good relationships with clients, you want to offer personalized support. Test reminders keep communication open and not only remind them of upcoming appointments but allow for quick rescheduling options. In fact, no-shows are proven to be reduced by 40% with automated text reminders. 

3. Accurate and Time-Effective 

Every business has experienced a time when a staff member accidentally gave the wrong details for an appointment or double-booked clients. When you utilize text reminders for appointments, you’re guaranteeing accuracy of appointment information, such as the date, time, and location.

Additionally, text reminders lift the burden off staff members to call and email multiple appointment reminders. Rather than cold calling a client and receiving no confirmation on whether they will be at the appointment, SMS messages allow for personnel to get confirmation within a matter of minutes. 


Missed appointments cost your company money. Bad communication and conflicted appointment information result in unhappy clients.

These downfalls are avoidable with text messaging services. Clients enjoy the convenience of text reminders for appointments, and businesses reap the benefits of reduced no-shows. 

SMS messages are a must-have resource for all small businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition. With a text messaging service, you can:

  • Send Google Calendar reminders simply by linking your Google Calendar.
  • Create personalized reminders depending on the nature of the appointment.
  • Check the status in real-time of replies.
  • Upload files that clients may need before the appointment.

It’s time to give the people what they want while setting your business up for success. Text messages are unobtrusive and offer a two-way communication system that you did not have previously had in place. This cost-effective business tool shows your clients that they are your top priority – and that’s a reputation that every business desires.


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