What is the Point of Mini PCs and Should I Get One?

Mini PC

A lot of people are curious about mini PCs and what they do exactly. Most people understand the small form factor aspect, but many don’t understand what the point of getting one would be. 

The truth is that many users could benefit from getting a mini PC. Maybe you could benefit from having one without realising it. These machines can be extremely versatile, and they are getting better every day too, so they might become a real competitor to tower PCs at some point in time. So, what is the point of mini PCs exactly, and should you get one?

Why Mini PCs?

Mini PCs are an alternative to desktop PCs and should be viewed as such. They can do everything a PC can do with the same specs. The biggest difference is that they’re much smaller and can be transported easily.

The question people will usually have is, why they shouldn’t just get a laptop instead of a mini PC. Well, if you stack a laptop against a mini PC, the mini PC will usually be slightly more powerful at the same price point. Laptops are not as peripheral friendly as mini PCs either. Some people may want to be able to work on a large screen with a comfortable keyboard instead of a small laptop screen with chiclet keys. These are the types of people mini PCs are for.

Who Can Benefit from Mini PCs?

Mini PCs are a great option for people who want a machine that will be almost as powerful as their main desktop, and who want to get real work done from different locations. Mini PCs are also great as backup machines. You never know what could happen with your main computer and having a minicomputer available while you deal with the bigger one’s issues could be a lifesaver. This is why mini PCs attract the business crowd more than anyone else.

What About Gaming?

You’d be surprised to hear that you can get some decent gaming performance from these machines. You won’t be able to run the latest AAA games at 100 FPS, but you should be able to play most esports titles provided that the machine has the specs to handle them.

If you want a mini PC that can handle gaming, then you should look at Intel’s NUC selection. Lenovo NUC Gaming PCs are a great place to start here, and they have a few great towers for those looking for something beefier.

The Limitations of Mini PCs

With that being said, it’s important to know that these machines are limited, and you have to know what these limitations are before you buy. For one, these mini PCs will usually have a hard cap on performance, so you’re not likely to see anything with a processor over 3ghz out there. They will also often have a limited number of ports and no options for upgrades in the case or ready-to-go machines, so this is something you’ll have to prepare for.

At the end of the day, mini PCs are great affordable machines for people on the go who want to feel like they’re working from a true desktop from wherever they are. They might not be the best as a core machine, but they could make a great addition to your device collection.

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